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Precision Thermal and Pressure controls, 5-Axis Machined Manifolds & Thermal Actuators

Control Products - Thermostatic Control

thermal motorsThermostatic Control Products

Thermal Actuators - Thermostatic

linear wax motors

Thermal Actuators - A type of small linear actuator that requires no hydraulics or electricity to function. These devices are engineered to precisely harness the rate of thermal expansion within a specified temperature range... More …

Control Valves - Various Styles

control valve

Vernatherm Control Valves can regulate flow rate, temperature levels, pressure, or all three to a precise measure. Control multiple ports for your specific application in ways you never thought possible. These valves are self monitoring, and reliable... More …

Milled Manifolds - Valve Housings


Manifolds or "valve housings" can be machined to your specifications to fit your thermal management needs. Manifolds / housings provide valve seats for various valves, such as pressure relief, thermal and flow control valves.. More …

Solar - Freeze Protection Valves

solar freeze protection

Solar Freeze Protection Valves are engineered to protect your solar hot water system from freezing. We've engineered two products to directly support the growing solar market. Protect your system with our proven and patented valve technology.. More …