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Trademark & Patents: This page is to help our customers identify authentic and counterfeit VERNATHERM products.

Rostra Vernatherm is the sole manufacturer of Vernatherm products, we do not license our Vernatherm name to any company.

If you purchased Vernatherm products from any other manufacturer who states that their products are "Vernatherms" they are not.

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The Vernatherm Trademark

thermostatRostra Vernatherm & the Vernatherm trademark - First in use: 8/25/1942
Rostra Vernatherm is the sole owner of the "Vernatherm" trademark.

It has come to our attention that other competitors are using our trademark name due to its prestige and notoriety; this is unauthorized. Rostra Vernatherm is the only manufacturer of Vernatherm products and we do not license out the Vernatherm name.

Vernatherm Trademark Certificate: Click Here To View/Download (PDF)


Vernatherm Patents of innovation

thermostatRostra Vernatherm & Vernatherm patents

Rostra Vernatherm maintains a philosophy of continuous innovation. We continuously critique, analyze, and evaluate all of our products and technology offerings, by doing so we develop unique innovations that pass on directly to our customers. We hold numerous important patents that truly elevates our products above our competition.

Partial Patent List: US 8,490,885 B2, US 6,772,958 B1, US 7,617,700 B2, US 7,469,841 B1